Dreaming of green leaves

What does it mean to dream of green leaves? How about dreaming of green leaves? Dreams of green leaves have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of green leaves will lead to a new job opportunity. A dream with green leaves and flowers all over the place means that you have a colorful life. Dreams of branches sprouting and spring grass vomiting green foretell new life in your work. Job seekers dreaming of green leaves, foretelling the luck of job hunting go high, more opportunities, headhunters to take the initiative to contact you is also possible, but the mind more, often not enough to cherish the opportunity in front of you. A manual worker dreaming of green leaves foretells that respiratory diseases will easily arise and it is very necessary to drink more nourishing fluids. The hands and shoulders are the areas that need to be kept in mind. Businessmen dreaming of green leaves foretell that your financial luck has picked up, although the possibility of income growth is not great, but the desire to spend freely is gradually receding. The time is not ripe for investment, it is more useful to learn more about financial management."