Dreaming of green melon

Dreaming of green melon is the main five elements of this dream wood, it is your peach luck will have signs of improvement, if single people get this dream peach luck more gains, such as married people get this dream, then your side of the bad peach blossom, will affect your mind and life, spring dream of good luck, autumn dream of bad luck. Single men and women dreaming of green melon, is that you have a lot of bad luck in the business, then there is a negative impact on life, if you can work seriously and sincerely, the problem will be improved, such as frustration in the relationship, career, there are more problems. Need to adjust the mentality, is the pressure is depressed in the heart of the hair in the dream. This dream is for those who are engaged in creative work, art and other related industries. It is the illumination of wood and fire, which is helpful to your career development. If you treat your career with sincerity and dedication, the problem will be improved. Those who are engaged in industries related to steel, broken gold, etc. have a bad career, which is caused by too much stress and has an impact on your emotional state."