Dreaming of green onions

What does it mean to dream of green onions? How about dreaming about green onions? The dream of green onions has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of onions foretells that you may have a secret poked out and will feel embarrassed. To dream of eating onions, it foretells you that everything will go well. A pregnant woman dreaming that she eats green onions foretells that the child born will be smart. A businessman dreaming of selling onions foretells prosperous business. Cooking with green onions in your dream reminds you to take care of your family's health, someone may fall ill. The onion everything will choke the person to tears, symbolizing that prying into someone's privacy will encounter a violent reaction. To dream of onion heads means that privacy is made public, mental and physical torture is suffered, and financial losses are incurred. If you dream of cooking with green onions, it is an omen of family illness. To dream of eating scallions means that you are happy and everything will go well. If you dream of selling onions, it is an omen of a prosperous business."