Dreaming of green seedlings

What does dreaming of green seedlings mean? Is it good to dream of seedlings? Dreams of seedlings have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a green and thriving seedling is a symbol of fame, wealth and success, indicating that you will personally gain wealth and success. To dream that rice is being stolen and cut means that your strongest desires are about to be realized. Case study of dreaming of green seedlings Dream description: Once I dreamed that green seedlings were growing in the crop field, corn seedlings, and in a short while, one of the seedlings suddenly grew especially fast, just like a fast camera on TV. (Male, 26 years old) Dream Interpretation: A dream of a young seedling is a symbol of success and happiness. To see green seedlings in a dream means fame, wealth and success. A male dreaming of green seedlings foretells a prosperous career. A woman dreaming of green seedlings foretells a life full of joy and happiness."