Dreaming of green trees

What does it mean to dream of green trees? How about dreaming of green trees? Dreams of green trees have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of green trees, green trees represent vitality, do this dream, foretell the health of the family; soon the family will add people imported, either pregnant with children, or married to a daughter-in-law, in short, this is a good dream. To dream of a green tree means that you will be physically strong and increase your population. Dream of a big tree, a lively, the main family business prosperous and prosperous. Dreaming of a garden with green trees and flowers indicates that the dreamer has a peaceful mind and a comfortable life. To dream that the trees in the garden are in full foliage is an auspicious dream that the dreamer's family is healthy and prosperous. Dreaming of trees in the park with lush green leaves foretells that the dreamer will have good fortune in the near future and his business will grow, but if he cuts down the trees in his yard, he should be aware of the risk of theft or dropping something. Dreaming of lush trees suggests that the dreamer will have great fortune, a prosperous career, and a great deal of success. Zhou Gong Stock Market If you dream of looking up at a luxuriant tree, the stocks of all grades will rise together, and if you look from above to below, they will fall. However, if it is a tree with fruit, even if you look up, you should judge it as appropriate to sell. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: dream of trees, a tree is the original structure of a person's inner life dream to see a tree, if the branches of the tree outward, means warm and lovely personality; if the dream to see a beautiful tree, symbolizes a well-organized personality; and a large and disorganized tree, it indicates a disordered personality. Psychoanalysis: spiritually speaking, man is a tree, showing the concordance between heaven, earth and water If the dreamer is able to understand his tree of life correctly, it means that the dreamer is able to use his talents and shape his life fruitfully in all fields."