Dreaming of harvesting corn

What does it mean to dream of harvesting corn? Is it good to dream of harvesting corn? Dreaming of harvesting corn has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Corn means affluence, and dreaming of harvesting corn foretells a life of food and clothing. To dream of walking in a cornfield foretells of an unexpected surprise in the near future. To dream that corn grows luxuriantly foretells good luck in the near future. To dream of peeling back the speckled ears of corn indicates that you will welcome success and happiness in all aspects. To dream of others gathering corn foretells that you will be happy for the success of your friends or relatives. Passing by a flourishing corn field in a dream and seeing heavy corn has far-reaching implications for farmers, foretelling not only a full crop and a great harvest, but also family harmony. If a young person has this dream, it foretells happiness and loyalty to friends. To see withered corn in a dream is a sign of disappointment and death. To see in your dream that a field with young corn seedlings has just been plowed indicates that you will be supported and liked by a powerful person and foretells upcoming success. To dream of ripening corn indicates fame and wealth, and to see a barn full of stored corn is a sign that your greatest desires will soon be realized. To dream of corn without a foreskin indicates rolling in wealth as well as the love of many people. To dream of consuming fresh corn indicates harmony among friends, and if a young person has this dream, it means a happy marriage. A pregnant woman who dreams of corn will give birth to a son."