Dreaming of hazelnuts

What does it mean to dream of hazelnuts? How about dreaming of hazelnuts? Dreaming of hazelnuts has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of hazelnuts is a blessing. Dreaming of eating hazelnuts foretells increased luck in times. Dreaming of a hazelnut tree foretells an increase in wealth. Dreaming that you did not eat hazelnuts foretells that a loss will appear in your life. Dreaming of eating chestnuts in a big way, there is a change in both parents. When you dream of picking chestnuts, your parents will live a long and healthy life. Dreaming of peeling chestnuts, you may be able to solve a long-standing problem that cannot be solved. To dream that you are frying chestnuts, or cooking chestnuts, beware of being cheated by someone you trust. To dream of eating chestnuts foretells that you may have an unusual relationship with the opposite sex. To dream that you are processing chestnuts foretells a loss in business, but a pleasant partner in life. A young woman dreaming of eating chestnuts, or divining with chestnuts, she will have a fairly wealthy lover and lead a rich life."