Dreaming of hydrangeas

What does it mean to dream of hydrangeas? How about dreaming of hydrangeas? Dreams of hydrangeas have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. There is a flower that is very "united", yes, very "united", because they are always growing together like a ball, they have a very graphic name "hydrangea". They are called "hydrangeas". Hydrangeas are a common garden flower with umbels like snowballs clustered in oval-shaped green leaves. As an important flowering tree in summer, hydrangea consists of hundreds of flowers into a ball. If it is prosperous, the snowflakes press the trees and fill the yard with fragrance. To dream of lush hydrangeas symbolizes unity and cohesiveness. It foretells that relationships are very harmonious and friends are happy to help you. To dream of wilting hydrangeas foretells that there may be a setback in the relationship. The person who may have been paying attention will be far away due to family or work reasons. Dreaming of hydrangea blossoms, the opposite sex luck is down; your crush, due to his family work transfer, and moved to the field. You're in a bad mood and feel like you've suddenly lost your way. Dreaming of hydrangeas indicates that your relationships are going very well; if the friendship between classmates at school is bound to be enhanced, you might as well sing the praises of your youth. A man dreaming of hydrangeas represents a good omen for your prosperous luck. A single person dreaming of hydrangeas symbolizes that you are going out of town and it is auspicious. Case study of dreaming of hydrangeas Dream description: I dreamed that I washed a pot of hydrangea with my brother with a sprinkler. At first its leaves were covered with dust, and I washed them with a big water and they became clean. Dream Analysis: Hydrangea is the flower of unity, they grow together is a clump, and the flower covered with dust symbolizes the unity power is destroyed, there is a gap between you and your brother, but the good thing is that you are both trying to redeem, and finally the relationship can be back to the same as before."