Dreaming of jujube trees what does it mean

Dreaming of jujube trees what does it mean, the five elements of this dream is the main wood, has the meaning of many sons and many blessings, also represents the power of new life, then the person who has this dream recently in the career and others to cooperate smoothly, each other's career more signs of sincere treatment, then for your career development has a smooth performance, the spring dream is auspicious, the autumn dream is not Auspicious. The newly married woman who has this dream is a good thing to get pregnant, happy to have a son, happy to have a son, most of the signs of this dream. Single women who have this dream, the recent in the business mentality needs to be adjusted, do not have too tough attitude in the business, it is not good for your career development, the business and others who treat each other sincerely, you will have signs of getting along with others in the business. People who seek money get this dream, go east auspicious, go west inauspicious, career pressure, you have more unrealistic performance in the idea, life situation will have trouble."