Dreaming of kiwifruit

What does dreaming of kiwifruit mean? Is it good to dream of kiwis? Dreaming of kiwifruit has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A man dreaming of kiwifruit foretells that he may neglect his body because of his busy work schedule, triggering gastrointestinal diseases. Women dreaming of kiwi, foretelling a happy life, but the body still needs to increase the conditioning. Pregnant women dreaming of kiwi, foretell that the child is healthy and strong. Students dream of kiwis. There is a tendency for grades to drop. Perhaps will be hated by the teacher of the Mo fall, your interest in learning will decline sharply, so that the test scores also all regression. The most important thing is to strive to improve. Unmarried men and women dreaming of kiwi, then love fortune: the other party's attempts to check out, do not be deceived. Students dreaming of kiwis foretell good results in exams this time, if they slack off, they will be poor next time. Old people dreaming of kiwifruit and the recent luck: as expected, happy, but can not therefore loose, linger in the happy place, incurring bad luck and labor. Beware of thieves breaking into empty doors."