Dreaming of lentils

What does dreaming of lentils mean? How about dreaming of lentils? Dreams of lentils have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To see a dream about lentils in a dream symbolizes a quarrel. To a young woman it indicates that she is not satisfied with the man who is pursuing her, but her parents advise her to accept the marriage. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Description: The pods are the main source of harmony. The beans in the pods are kept at a proper distance from each other, symbolizing that people get along with each other. Psychological analysis: To dream of pods means that there will be harmony in life with relatives, friends and colleagues, and good days are coming. Dreaming of unripe pods, on the other hand, means a verbal dispute with others. Be careful of your words and actions, for people must not lose their harmony."