Dreaming of lotus flowers

What does dreaming of lotus flowers mean? How about dreaming of lotus flower? Dreaming of lotus flowers has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The lotus flower has a clear and beautiful appearance, but its roots are buried in the mud at the bottom of the river, and it appears in dreams to symbolize the sexual life of people. A man dreaming of a lotus flower, don't worry, it's a good thing. A married man dreaming of a lotus flower indicates strong sexual power and harmonious married life. An unmarried man dreaming of a lotus flower foretells that he will find a beautiful wife. If a man who is divorced or has broken up with his girlfriend dreams of picking lotus flowers in a pond, it means that the other party is missing the benefits of you and you have a chance to get back together soon. A woman dreaming of a lotus flower reminds you to be careful and to stay away from temptation. An unmarried woman dreaming of a lotus flower, whether she dreams of one or several lotus flowers, indicates that she has a strong sexual desire. Married women dreaming of lotus flowers, dreaming of lotus flowers indicates that the desire is strong, your husband can not meet you, and may even make him physically weak and sick. A woman who has a man picking lotus flowers in her dream foretells that you may cheat and have an affair. Zhouyi Dreams of Lotus Can symbolize the conscious self. Symbolizes the source of creativity or new life (associated with the Buddha of Hindu mythology, born from the lotus flower, which becomes the universe); or is a sexual symbol, representing the vagina. The original version of Zhou Gong dream dreaming of lotus flowers Seeing the lotus flower, the man is lucky and the woman is bad. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreams of lotus open pond water clear, lucky, the main spouse marriage. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of lotus flowers. This dream is the main marriage success, wealth and profit, home comfortable, sickness away from bed. The Secretaries of Dreams Men picking lotus, female private love. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychological dream interpretation dream of lotus flower Dream interpretation: Lotus is the main sex. Under the light and elegant appearance of the lotus flower, what is hidden is the root buried in the silt, symbolizing the sexual life of human beings. Psychological analysis: men dreaming of lotus flowers, is auspicious, married men will get money into the treasure, unmarried young men can find a flowery wife; abandoned by his girlfriend or wife men dreaming of picking lotus flowers in the pond, will soon resume relations with her. A woman dreaming of a lotus flower is an ominous sign. A young girl dreaming of a lotus flower or several lotus flowers will become a debauched woman or commit adultery with a weak and sickly man. A married woman dreaming of a man picking lotus flowers will betray her husband because he is seriously ill and his situation is getting worse; she will commit adultery with a stranger. Case study of dreaming of lotus flower Dream description: I dreamed that I was enjoying a large lotus pond, the lotus blooms were very big and beautiful very dense to the bridge all around, and it was raining in the sky, but it wasn't cloudy, there was haze! Dream interpretation: dreaming of a lotus flower symbolizes a strong sexual desire for both men and women."