Dreaming of lychee

What does dreaming of lychee mean? How about dreaming of litchi? Dreaming of litchi has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of ripe lychee fruitful, said the marriage is beautiful, family harmony. A married man dreaming of lychees foretells that his future wife will be loyal and considerate to you and that the marriage will be happy. Unmarried man dreaming of litchi is a good omen for a happy marriage. An unmarried woman dreaming of lychees foretells an unhappy married life, and may obey her parents' wishes to marry an incompetent husband. Dreaming of eating fresh lychees foretells of prosperity and increased opportunities. A businessman dreaming of eating lychees foretells that you will beat your competitors and make a fortune. A person who has been ill for a long time dreaming of eating lychees may foretell that you are finally getting rid of the shadow of illness and recovering your health. Dreaming of stealing lychees foretells that the dreamer often misses the past in recent times and is prone to sentimentality. Dreaming of picking lychees implies that the dreamer should not travel, there will be obstacles on the way. Dreaming of eating rotten lychee implies that the dreamer has a lot of energy in the near future and is very motivated to do things (dreaming of lychee). A pregnant woman dreaming of picking lychees foretells that you will give birth to a lively and healthy son in the near future, which is a good omen. Pregnant women dreaming of eating lychees foretells that you are in significant danger of having a miscarriage in the near future, suggesting that you should pay attention to your safety and health, especially suggesting a visit to the hospital for a checkup. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Eating lychee is auspicious. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing lychee, men are lucky and women are bad. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dream of litchi. Li, away from the same sound, there is the image of the first loss of capital. Dreams of this person's home must be quickly relocated; disease is not easy to get out; the main son after other surnames, or monks and Taoists; seeking money is not much, but also not out of the empty. The Secretary of Dream Interpretation Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: lychee master incompetence. Psychological analysis: lychee with a hard shell wrapped in soft flesh, symbolizing the incompetence of the strong outside. Spiritual symbolism: Lychee symbolizes luck, good or bad health and emotions. Case study of dreaming of lychee Dream Description: Last night I dreamed I came to a mountain where there were many trees, and then I found out that there were many lychees growing on them. Many people are picking, so I also went up to pick, the strange thing is that I later picked the place like a wall, like a creeper, a side full of lychees, leaves and trees are not, I do not know a dream this represents what? Dream analysis: dream of picking litchi, is an ominous omen, to go out to pay attention to safety."