Dreaming of mahogany

What does dreaming of mahogany mean? How about dreaming of mahogany? Dreaming of mahogany has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of mahogany, an auspicious omen, foretells a happy life. Unmarried men and women dreaming of peach wood will soon find a soulmate. Married men and women dreaming of peach wood, love will be very sweet. In your dream, you see fragrant mahogany in bloom surrounded by green leaves. It represents that your wishes will be able to come true and you will have a happy and joyful life. To dream of aromatic mahogany withering represents that she will lose her happiness because of her careless behavior. A young woman dreaming that she is wearing a small branch of incense mahogany foretells that the dreamer will marry a rich and very intelligent man. Case study of dreaming of mahogany Dream description: I dreamed that I was sleeping. When I woke up, there was a person selling mahogany combs at home packing bags on the floor. Many things made of mahogany in the bag. Wanted combs and decorative items category. I picked for a while did not like. Hubby bought me a mahogany wooden comb before I woke up! Then the mahogany comb seller left! What's so special about this dream? In the dream I used the comb. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of a comb means being able to smooth out all the things that are not as smooth as you would like. Dreaming that your husband sends a mahogany comb represents that you two have a good relationship and are in love."