Dreaming of many bananas

Dreaming of many bananas, the main five elements of this dreamer is gold, it is the earth and gold, good career conditions, cooperation with others smoothly, for your career as a whole, the autumn dream is auspicious, the spring dream is not auspicious. Single woman dreaming of many bananas, is the recent you in the business although cooperation with others is smooth, but because of small things and others induced trouble, arguments constantly on your career as a whole have bad things, need to adjust the mindset. People engaged in sports, athletics and other related industries dream of many bananas, the recent you in the business because of small things and induced annoying things, your personal ability is limited, if you need to cooperate with others smoothly, you must put the long-term vision, not only eye makeup moon cross under. Married men who have this dream, career pressure is very great, then affect your ideas in the business, if family matters cause you to have trouble, it is more unfavorable, there are suppressed emotions can not be released. Those who seek money outside have this dream, go west auspicious, go east unlucky, career pressure is great."