Dreaming of many watermelons

Dreaming of many watermelons, the main fire of the five elements, is a manners-related matters, more good. If you can be more fickle in the handling of human relations, more people will like you. There will also be a boost to your career development. It is auspicious to dream in summer and unlucky to dream in winter. The newly married woman who got this dream, mostly in your career and your lover good relationship, you get along with each other to be able to do transposition, plus the two emotional state is similar, it is good for the development of the relationship, not too sensitive to details. Those who are engaged in insurance, financial management and other related industries have good relations between you and your clients in the near future, then you have similar pursuits in the choice of things to do, which will promote the development of your career. Engaged in catering, restaurants and other related industries, the five elements of the main fire, then your income is more good, grasp the opportunity, the business will be better. If you are in partnership with others, you will have more good things."