Dreaming of nettles

What does it mean to dream of nettles? How about dreaming of nettles? Dreaming of nettles has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that one is walking among nettles without being stung is an omen of success. To dream of being stung by nettles indicates that you are unhappy with yourself and make others depressed as well. A young woman dreaming of walking through a nettle room foretells that different men will propose to her and that she will give herself an anxious premonition about her choice. To dream of nettles foretells a distressing situation, where children or servants are disobedient. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Nettles in a dream signify a dilemma that must be avoided. You may not be able to communicate with other people or your surroundings, and therefore, you have not understood your own grievances. If you see yourself in a dense field of nettles, it may suggest difficulties in communication and communication. In addition, nettles also indicate other desires that are ready to hurt you, or mean that you have "burned your fingers" in your personal as well as professional intentions. Psychoanalysis: Nettle is a wild plant that causes skin irritation. It symbolizes in the dream that you have lost control of yourself through "rough" behavior or other actions that stimulate sexual desire. Nettle is a sign of healing and health according to the use of folklore herbs. Spiritual symbolism: From a spiritual point of view, nettle can be used as a preventive substance against dangers. It can also be used in rituals and habits of cleanliness and hygiene. Fresh nettles are a good substance to use for restoring health."