Dreaming of palm trees

What does it mean to dream of palm trees? How about dreaming of palm trees? Dreams of palm trees have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The palm tree is the main success. The palm tree is strong and sturdy, symbolizing success. To see a palm tree in your dream is a sign that you are hopeful about life and will enjoy the pleasures of high society. It is possible that you will have an exciting trip recently or earn more than expected. If the roots of the palm tree in the dream are born near the water and the top of the tree is bathed in sunlight, it means that the family is stable and the parents are peaceful. A young woman dreaming of passing a street lined with palm trees foretells a faithful husband and a beautiful family. To dream of a fading palm tree foretells that unexpected events have caused her pain and disturbed her quiet life. If you dream of a palm tree, you will have great luck and live a happy and prosperous life. Dreaming of climbing a palm tree, trying to achieve one's goal but encountering many difficulties, but finally being able to achieve success. Dreaming of coming down from a palm tree is an ominous omen, foretelling weakened health and reduced income. To dream of cutting down a palm tree would make you the target of your boss's anger, or be accused of conspiracy to commit treason, or be otherwise severely punished. Dreaming that you are holding a palm leaf in your hand, the business you are currently engaged in will be a glorious victory. A long distance traveler dreaming of a palm tree will have a smooth trip and reach his destination safely. A troop officer on the march dreaming of a withered palm tree bearing fruit is an ominous sign that he will get stomach problems. Dreaming of a dry palm tree is also not a good sign, disaster will come and income will be sharply reduced. A farmer dreaming of a fruitful palm tree will have a good crop. Married woman dreaming of a fruitful palm tree, the couple will respect each other and grow old together. An unmarried woman dreaming of a tall palm tree full of fruits will marry into a prestigious family. To dream of piles of palm tree trunks, it implies that you can get rich in business."