Dreaming of peanuts is a sign of pregnancy

Dreaming of peanuts, the five elements of the main gold, to get this dream, is the gold and earth, you can find a sense of belonging in life, single to this dream, the possibility of family, such as married people to get this dream has the possibility of pregnancy. Dreaming of peanuts is a sign of pregnancy, but also the main dreamer is eager to have a child in his life, the relationship between you and your lover to improve also help. If you encounter unhappy things in your marriage, do not rush to have a child, such a move is very irresponsible behavior for the child. Dreaming of eating peanuts, much Lord you can meet someone who is sincere to you in your career, you are a person who does not have enough security, and you desire security, you need someone to guide you to discover love. Dreaming of buying peanuts, more than the main you encounter in your career more noble people, and you need the help of others, there will always be someone to lend you a helping hand, your people are very good. If you can balance yourself and others in your career, it will be good for your career development."