Dreaming of peanuts while preparing for pregnancy

Dreaming of peanuts while preparing for pregnancy, the person who has this dream is mostly of the five elements of earth, which is a sign of fire and earth, you have the idea of relying on others in your life, which will eventually have a positive impact on your life, such as your demand for others in your career is too high, which in turn leads to bad luck. It is auspicious to dream in summer and unlucky to dream in autumn. Single men and women dream of peanuts. It is in the relationship with the person actively pursuing you, but you are not particularly fond of the other party, then the dreamer needs to know how to keep a distance from the other party, do not let the other party pay a lot, and have a negative impact on your life. Those engaged in record-keeping, accounting and other related industries have this dream career in the bad, is that you are more selfish in the treatment of career issues, then you are not in the details of the heart to do. Engaged in heavy industry chemical and other related industries business is not smooth, is that you treat the business of the heart, then depressed in the heart of the dream, this is a bad omen."