Dreaming of peppers and pepper trees

Dreaming of peppers and pepper trees What does it mean? How about dreaming of pepper and pepper trees? The dream of pepper and pepper trees has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Many people are no stranger to peppers. Pepper kind of numb let people's tongue can not be forgotten. Pepper also has an antiseptic effect, when the toothache with painful teeth bite a grain of pepper will immediately feel no pain. In dreams, pepper often represents paralysis or for happiness lost only after the feelings felt. Dreaming of stealing peppers foretells that you will win the jackpot or pick up something good. Dreaming of a tree full of peppers foretells that you may be lucky lately. Dreaming of a pepper tree foretells that there may be friction in life with others affecting the mood, as long as it is properly handled will not have too much impact on life. To dream of picking peppers foretells that you will work very hard, but you will soon live a happy life. Dreaming of fried peppers indicates that you will live a very happy life. To dream of eating peppers foretells that you will lose a lot of money because you are not careful. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreams of pepper, great luck. Dreams of eating pepper eyesight bright, no disease, no sores and ulcers forever. Women dream of this, expensive in the pepper room or give birth to children. The Dream Forest Interpretation Case study of dreaming of pepper and pepper trees Dream Description: Last night I dreamed that there was a row of pepper trees in the field, the peppers were almost ripe, my sister's children and I started playing under the trees, and finally I found that the peppers on the trees were especially large, and some were almost ripe, so I said to my sister's children, let's pick this back and dry it, and we can use it for cooking, and he said yes, and we started picking it, and I was afraid that others would see it, but finally, I don't know how it ended, but there were many people picking it. I was afraid that the owner would ask me for money when I picked it for a while, so I asked my sister's child to leave. May I ask what this means, never dreamed of pepper trees? Dream Analysis: Congratulations, this is a good dream, dream of stealing peppers, good luck, may want to win the jackpot Oh!"