Dreaming of picking red dates

Dreaming of picking red dates, the main wood of the five elements of the dreamer, is a recent good career situation, cooperation with others is smooth, and others who have a similar attitude in the business will help your career as a whole, the spring dream is auspicious, the winter dream is not auspicious. Dreaming of picking green dates, you are not cooperating well with others in your career recently, because your career is not mature, but with too high expectations, the five elements of the main wood is still ambiguous relationship between you and the opposite sex, then there is also a negative impact on your feelings. Those who seek money outside have this dream, going east is auspicious, going west is not auspicious, the business situation is to communicate well with others to achieve better performance, engaged in clothing design, garden art, and other related industries have this dream career in the excellent partial fortune, the recent career as a whole is not smooth, it is necessary to adjust personal mentality. Married women who have this dream get along well with their lovers, good living conditions, and a lot of smooth things."