Dreaming of piles of cabbages

Dreaming of piles of cabbages, the person who has this dream will have a good financial situation. If you have this dream, you will have a good income. If you are a government official, you will be able to persevere in your career and get good things in return. Single men and women who have this dream, there are many signs of being hindered in their feelings, is to have a favorite, the other party does have a sweetheart, the pursuit of your feelings is not strong, such as you realize that the single-hearted pay no return, the early cliff fall, you can still meet true love. The newly married man dreamed that he saw piles of cabbage, the recent relationship between you and your lover is good, is that you two do things consistently strong, each other love each other, have a long-term vision for the development of the business, this is a good omen also, more helpful to the business. Engaged in e-commerce, technology and other related industries to get this dream career in more than poor, it is difficult for you to meet the help of people, then alone, there will be labor."