Dreaming of plum trees, plum trees

Dreaming of plum trees, plum trees, what does it mean? How about dreaming of plum trees and plum trees? The dream of plum trees and plum trees has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. An unmarried woman dreaming of a plum tree will marry into a prestigious and wealthy family. Dreaming of a plum tree with fruit on it foretells that you have a very outstanding performance at work and will feel appreciated by your leaders. A man dreaming of eating plums is a reminder that you will have a verbal argument. A married woman dreaming of eating plums represents that you will give birth to a healthy boy. Dreaming of a plum tree blossoming symbolizes friendship, you are lucky to be in charge of a project that will become profitable in your career! Dreaming that many plum trees are full of white flowers symbolizes that you are brewing a plan, your heart is full of hope and your future is so bright. Men dreaming of plum trees in bloom foretells going away, there are difficulties and dangers, careful will be safe. Case study of dreaming of plum tree Plum tree Case 1 Dream description: Last night I dreamed that I was herding cattle, and later I dreamed that my own plum tree was in bloom, and I wondered if there was any foreshadowing. Dream Interpretation: Herding cattle is grass and later flowers. It means that what you are doing is going to progress, that is, you are going to rise from the level of grass to the level of flower, but there will not be final results yet, and you need to continue to work hard. Case 2 Dream description: I dreamed that there were plum trees on the way to the temple, the plums were so big and green, then I crossed the mud road, there was a ditch next to the mud road, I tripped through the ditch, I wore white pants and white shoes full of mud, then I went up to the temple with my grandmother, a big staircase and the temple, I am pregnant, what do these represent. Dream Analysis: This dream reminds you to pay attention to rest, don't work too hard, the baby's health is closely related to you! 【Case 3 Dream description: I dreamed that there was a plum tree next to my house and it was full of ripe plums, so I reached out and picked two plums and ate them, which felt delicious. Dream Analysis: This dream is very good oh, it foretells that you will be appreciated by the leadership and will give you important projects to do."