Dreaming of plums

What does it mean to dream of plums? How about dreaming of plums? Dreaming of plums has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of green plums, unless you see them hanging on a flourishing tree, is a sign of discomfort for yourself or your relatives. To dream of ripe plums foretells that happy moments will come, but they will be short-lived. Dreaming of eating plums foretells that you will indulge in a life of flirtation and other pleasures. To dream of picking plums foretells that your wishes will be fulfilled, although not as satisfying as you thought. To dream that you are collecting plums from the ground and find rotten fruit mixed with good fruit foretells that you will have to admit that your expectations will not be fulfilled and that life is not made up of joy alone. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of Li. Dreams of this fear of prison worries. The benevolent dream, the main orchid and laurel quite beautiful. The Secretary of the broken dream Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: It often reminds you to pay attention to something special and striking in your life. A married woman dreaming of eating plums will give birth to a healthy boy. A man dreaming of eating plums foretells that there will be a verbal dispute. Psychoanalysis: You desperately want someone to notice you. Spiritual symbolism: the plum symbolizes the desire to care, while being closely linked to fertility and childbirth customs."