Dreaming of pomegranates

What does it mean to dream of pomegranates? Is it good to dream of pomegranates? Dreams of pomegranates have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a pomegranate is an auspicious sign, meaning that the intelligent you will fully develop your talent. A man dreaming of pomegranates, relatives and friends will meet. The old man dreaming of pomegranate, happy and healthy in his later years. Married woman dreaming of pomegranate will be happy to have a boy. To dream of eating pomegranates foretells that you will admire the personal charm of others. To dream that your lover gives you a pomegranate foretells that you will fall into an elaborate trap and almost cheat because you are bewitched by a woman's charms, but your inner strength will help you to break free from temptation peacefully. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of pomegranate, lucky. Scribes dream of this, there are wizards; military dream of this, there is a secret strategy; traders dream of this, get heavy treasure. The dream of this person's marriage when people superfluous, when the school teacher again stay, the pedestrian has not returned, the prisoner has not come out. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of pomegranates. The main success and fame will be achieved early, and many sons and daughters will be virtuous. Sickness dream is harmless, litigation must be prevented from being blamed. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation To dream of planting pomegranates, the main marriage is not in harmony. The Secretaries of Broken Dreams Western Dream Interpretation In dreams, pomegranates are auspicious signs and very good dreams. The dream of pomegranate also has the legend that "illness will be cured". To dream of a pomegranate tree declaring its brightness, for a young woman, foretells that her boyfriend will be excellent, rich in talent, high social status, and rich in family. Married woman dreaming of pomegranate will be happy to have a baby boy. Men dream of pomegranates, relatives and friends will meet."