Dreaming of raspberries

What does it mean to dream of raspberries? How about dreaming of raspberries? Dreaming of raspberries has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Unmarried men dreaming of raspberries will marry a girl as beautiful as white jade and in good health. Married man dreaming of eating raspberries, the couple is harmonious and happy. Married woman dreaming of raspberries, foretells that her husband will take a concubine, or take in a woman: Unmarried woman dreaming of raspberries, to be a concubine to someone else, or her fiancé does not like her and will fall in love with another woman. A sick person dreaming of raspberries will soon have a full recovery. Businessman dreaming of raspberries, soon to go abroad. Dreaming of eating rotten raspberries, unlucky days are coming. To dream of eating raw raspberries means to be sick. Dreaming of buying ripe raspberries is auspicious, the family is going to have a happy event. Dreaming of selling raspberries, an unfortunate day is coming. Dreaming of giving someone raspberries will be famous. Dreaming of getting raspberries is an auspicious omen, soon you will have a noble guest at your door. To dream that your wife sends you raspberries is a sign of great good fortune and that your wife will give birth to a boy."