Dreaming of small seedlings

Dreaming of small seedlings is a sign of good luck in your career, and your own pursuit of long-term interests in your career, then your planning for your career, sincere enough, realistic, every step is taken on the ground, but also symbolizes the power of new life, will eventually push you forward, spring dreams are auspicious, winter dreams are not auspicious. A single woman dreaming of a small seedling is your peach blossom luck in the relationship, so you in the relationship is also looking forward to a long time, then get this dream can meet a good man, each other's true feelings, the flow of true feelings, and eventually will let your love go on for a long time is a happy thing. A single man dreaming of a small seedling, the main reason you have a bad deal with others in your career, and your youthful indiscretion will eventually lead to a broken state in your career. Seekers dreaming of small seedlings is a sign of improved grades. If you are more demanding of yourself in your studies, you will also have opportunities in your career, if you are more indulgent with your behavior and your academic situation is in decline, your life will also be affected by it."