Dreaming of tree roots

What does it mean to dream of tree roots? How about dreaming of tree roots? Dreams of tree roots have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A male dreaming of tree roots indicates that his career is not yet stable and he should work harder. A woman dreaming of tree roots indicates wisdom and ambition to start from scratch. Dreaming of chewing tree roots will lead to a long life and a large number of children and grandchildren. Dreaming of cutting and scratching tree roots, disaster will come from the enemy. To dream of using the roots of a plant to heal someone means that you should beware that illness or something that makes you sad is coming. To dream of the roots of a plant or tree suggests misfortune, that your career or health will go downhill, and that you will have to make yourself stronger in order to overcome your opponents. Case study of dreaming of tree roots Case 1 Dream Description: Last night I dreamed that I seemed to have arrived at a very large yard, so large yard nothing on the growth of a large tree, I did not pay attention to what the tree is like, I do not know whether there are no leaves and so on, anyway, it seems that after jumping into the yard from a high place, as if there is no way to go anywhere else, but the roots of the tree is very thick, from the middle part out in all directions, very dense, I stepped on these protrusions The roots of the tree ran away, when I felt that the roots of the tree compared to the surrounding environment is very special white, are a little cautious panic, what does this mean? I study at home, quite a lot of things make me feel that there is no previous state, but also feel their own life state is difficult to change, sleep is also bad. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of tree roots reminds you that your foundation is not stable now, and you need to lay a good foundation in learning in order to go to the next level. Case 2 Dream description: I dreamed that the tree behind my house fell to the ground and I found that the trees were all rootless. Dream Analysis: The root of the tree is the foundation, dreaming of a tree without a heel reminds you that you are doing something with an unstable foundation, stop temporarily and re-plan so that you will not lose money later."