Dreaming of trees dying OK

"Dead vine old tree faint crow", sounds like a very beautiful scene, and particularly graphic, life, dead vine old tree is a scene not often seen, if in life, we see a dead tree, but also can not help but sigh Pity. So if in a dream we dream of a tree withered, what kind of symbolism does it have? Here we will analyze what kind of symbolism there is in different cases of dreaming of dead trees. Dreaming of dead trees, your family may have to move because of some changes, it is possible that this difference in life will make you have a very painful feeling inside, so you will therefore be decadent for a long time. This time you need to adjust your own mentality after all, life is still to live. Businessman dreaming of dead trees, there will be something in your life that makes you feel elusive, you will have a very serious sense of crisis because of it, and usually you will also lose some benefits because of it. A doctor dreaming of a dead tree, a patient you are currently facing may have serious implications for your career as a doctor, you need to be careful what you do and it is best to be able to shrug off the patient in front of you to black someone else. Pregnant people dreaming of dead wood, there will be some people in your life recently who are not good for your fetus in the womb, maybe some people you have offended before want to kill your fetus in the womb by some means. Married women dreaming of dead trees, there will be some changes in your life and your marriage may be coming to an end because the other person cheated on you. Married men dreaming of dead trees, there may be something in your life that makes you feel very stressed, although the matter is not big, but your heart may be a little thoughtless. People who are about to get married dream of trees die, your marriage may encounter serious opposition from your family and you don't know what to do at this time. At this time, you need to endure a moment of anger to avoid doing things that make you feel regretful. People on a blind date dream of trees die, your blind date may not be too happy with you. Elderly people dreaming of dead trees, something will happen to you recently that will make you feel anxious and angry. I dreamt that a small pine tree died, recently your luck has been affected to a certain extent, it is likely to see the opportunity to be taken away by others. Dreaming of a dead tree, life can change dramatically for you because of a bad decision you made on your own. Dreaming of dead trees and also on fire, the hard work of others may become a stepping stone to your promotion and salary increase. Dreaming of cutting down a dead tree, you may be experiencing some difficulties in your life, but the good news is that the difficulties will soon pass and you will soon see a new dawn. Dreaming of rain showering a dead genus wood, your life work are doing some unnecessary efforts, you will therefore be particularly hard, but usually this hard work is futile, you will not get some reward for it. Dream of dead trees sprouting new leaves, there may be something in your life that makes you feel very good to come to you, although this thing is not much benefit desirable, but you feel happy and surprised by it."