Dreaming of vegetables

What does dreaming of vegetables mean? How about dreaming of vegetables? Dreams of vegetables have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of vegetables usually predicts that you will achieve success. To dream that there are many vegetables indicates a comfortable and rich life. To dream of a variety of vegetables on the table may also indicate your recent desire for a healthy diet. Perhaps you are a person who yearns for nature at heart and aspires to a pure and healthy life; it is also possible that in real life, the diet environment of big wine and meat makes you feel the need to improve your diet structure. If you dream of an unusually rich variety of vegetables or seafood, it may also show that you are psychologically worried about your immediate financial situation. Dreaming of buying vegetables at a supermarket or vegetable market foretells that you will win success in your career through your own efforts. To dream that you are cutting vegetables suggests that you should beware of being cheated by your friends and suffering financial losses. To dream of spilling the dishes on your dinner plate and soiling your clothes foretells that there will be ups and downs in love. There is a possibility that a love rival will appear to compete for your beloved. Dreaming that you are going to plant vegetables foretells that you will have to put in hard work and overcome many difficulties on the road to career success. When you dream of eating green vegetables, you may have disagreements with your friends and feel a little lonely inside. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation The person who eats all the vegetables will be in danger. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou To buy vegetables, the main official affairs are well served. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreams of vegetables and temple base flush. This is very auspicious for scribes. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests It is auspicious to dream of Ulva lactuca and Nymphoides peltata. Both are beautiful dishes in the water. If you dream of Brasenia, you will return to your hometown; if you dream of Nymphaea, you will get a good match and a good child if you are unmarried. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of golden flowers and vegetables is auspicious. The official's term of office will be completed, and he will get the golden flower and purple grant. The rest of the fame and fortune, land and land gain, the will will be extended, the plan will be achieved. Only those who seek children should not. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of golden flowering vegetables. The dream of an eunuch, the Lord can be prominent; the dream of a common man, the Lord's fame and fortune, the increase of land and property, into the plan to achieve. It is not advisable to seek a son. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Dreams of green cloud dish, auspicious. Literati dream of this, will be on the cloud road; warrior dream of this, something seaside; living dream of this, will have the pleasure of watching the tour; running dream of this, that is, the return of the period. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of green clouds and vegetables. The dream of the ordinary people, the Lord has the joy of travel; dream of the far travel, the Lord has the time to return home. The Secretary of Broken Dreams Dreaming of stone cauliflower, auspicious. Dreams of this person, the businessman to get a treasure, from nothing to create; scribes hair talent, the icing on the cake. If a woman eats it in her dream, she will not be able to conceive. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream of stone cauliflower. The literati dream of it, the main talent to enhance, add flowers; businessmen dream of it, the main treasure, nothing from nothing; women dream of it, the main thing can not conceive. The Secretaries of Dreams Dreams of smallpox vegetables, great auspiciousness, the main high price of the product expensive omen. The scholar's humanities are like smallpox; the official's waist is gold and purple, and the position is as high as that of a heavenly official. Traveling without danger, walking horses like flying, business to get money, return to the boat full. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of purple cauliflower. This dream is the main travel without danger, the main trade is full of wealth, the main literary talent rich algae, the main noble can not say. The Secretaries of Dreams If you see yellow vegetables when you eat them, the Lord is evil. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou If another person holds a vegetable, the Lord will have bad luck. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Planting vegetables, the main long life, great luck. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing vegetables, a minor illness is approaching. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreaming of eating vegetables in a pot is bad. This dream is the main urgency of the matter, the plan for the failure, all things must be cautious, it is appropriate to keep the normal, not to change. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: It symbolizes the dreamer's most basic needs or the satisfaction of his material life. In addition, the vegetables also indicate the material and spiritual "nourishment" that the dreamer receives from the surrounding environment. Similarly, the colors of the various vegetables also indicate different meanings. Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of vegetables usually foretells that you will achieve success. Having many vegetables indicates a comfortable and rich life. Spiritual symbol: inner desire for nature, yearning for a pure and healthy life. Case study of dreaming of vegetables Dream description: In my dream, I went to the vegetable market and found that all the vegetables sold in the market were colorful and looked relatively fresh. I walked through the vegetable market and how there were several other vegetables that I had never seen before. I bought some vegetables and was going to go home and try to eat them raw if I could. (Female, 29 years old) Dream Analysis: The dream of vegetables means happiness and success. The vegetables in your dream indicate that you pay more attention to your health. If you dream of celery, it represents happiness and success. To dream of beets is a symbol of career and relationship. To dream of planting or harvesting beets indicates that you are a very hard-working and capable person, and foretells happiness and prosperity in love in the years to come. To dream of a pumpkin represents happy love. To dream of a cucumber represents career and news. To dream of radish is a symbol of progress and success. To dream of red peppers is a symbol of affection. To dream of tomatoes is a symbol of affection between a man and a woman."