Dreaming of walnuts is a fetal dream

Dreaming of walnuts is a fetal dream, the wood of the five elements of the person who has this dream is water and wood, then you have a lot of help in your career, water represents the wisdom and wood represents the emotions associated with the help of the nobleman, can not be limited to the moment. Spring dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are inauspicious. Pregnant women dreaming of walnuts is a fetus dream, it is because you give a lot in life, or desire to get smart children, then life is full of good things, if you get this dream in the spring more boys. Those who seek money outside have this dream, it is auspicious to go east, but not to go west, it is inevitable to encounter noble help in business, then you need to listen to the advice of elders, not to personal thoughts to guess partners. If the recent entrepreneurial intention to engage in catering, food and other related, it is a lot of revenue, is that you are sincere with others to be able to gain, not in the business of the idea of hooking up, such as those who have a positive conflict with peers to get this dream, there will be a good change."