Dreaming of water celery

What does dreaming of water celery mean? How about dreaming of watercress? Dreams of watercress have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of picking water celery, the main thing God has the sincerity of respect and faith. Dreaming of eating watercress, the main ruler of the house is simple. A housewife dreaming of celery indicates that she is a good family man and lives frugally. To dream that someone gives you celery foretells that you will get an unexpected fortune. To dream that you give someone celery indicates that relationships are going well and you will gain the trust of many friends by virtue of being honest and trustworthy. To see celery in your dream foretells that your career will be prosperous and exceed your expectations. Dreaming of a fresh, easily broken celery stick, you will be more prosperous and influential than you had hoped. Dreaming of rotting celery, someone in your family will pass away soon. To dream of eating celery is a sign of good health and a smooth life. Love and friendship will surround you. A young woman dreaming of eating celery with her lover indicates that she will become very rich. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation: Dream water celery, lucky. This clean and white products, can enjoy the temple; clean and fragrant taste, can be offered to the king. Dream of water celery, the main service to God has the sincerity of respect and faith. Dreams of eating water celery, the Lord of the family has a frugal and frugal. Dream of others to give themselves water celery, there are unexpected wealth; dream of me to give people water celery, there is about to tie a mutual understanding of friendship. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream of water celery. Dreams of picking the person, the main service to God has the sincerity of respect and faith; dream of eating the person, the main governance of the family frugality. The "Secretaries of Dreams"