Dreaming of water lilies

What does it mean to dream of water lilies? How about dreaming of water lilies? Dreams of water lilies have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a water lily or a water lily growing symbolizes that you will have a mixture of sadness and joy. To dream of a withered water lily suggests that things are going beyond your expectation. To dream of picking water lilies means that something bad is about to happen. Men dreaming of lotus flowers, is auspicious, married men will get money into the treasure; unmarried young men can find a flowery wife. A staff member dreaming of a lotus flower has to be humble and cautious in order to be liked by his superiors. A woman dreaming of a lotus flower is an ominous sign. A young girl who dreams of a lotus flower or several lotus flowers will become a debauched woman or commit adultery with a weak and sickly man. A married woman dreaming of a man picking lotus flowers will be in a worse and worse situation because her husband is sick with a disease. Married woman dreaming of a man picking lotus flowers will betray her husband and commit adultery with a stranger. A man who has been abandoned by his girlfriend or wife dreams of picking lotus flowers in a pond and will soon resume his relationship with her."