Dreaming of watering flowers

What does it mean to dream of watering flowers? Do you dream of watering flowers? Dreaming of watering flowers has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of watering flowers foretells that your husband will be sick. A man dreaming of a woman watering flowers is an omen of prosperity. A farmer dreaming of watering flowers foretells that the crops will be abundant this year. Dreaming of watering your own flowers indicates that the dreamer's fortune is good, the near future can be spiritual, perhaps walking on the road will be the dreamer picked up money Oh. The dreamer can accept small favors from others, as long as he remembers to return it later on, but must not be selfish and self-interested, so as not to damage his own fortune. In the near future, you can stay more in the place of prosperity, there will be unexpected gains. Dreaming of watering flowers spilled on the ground, it indicates that the dreamer needs to relax recently to avoid excessive depression, which affects his or her state of mind and leads to low work efficiency. In the usual then, can not be stingy, not stingy, more kindness to themselves, the mood will improve. Not to say that every day very good treatment of their own, a meal two meals of consumption is not much, beware of a poor state of mind, causing the boss's eyes Oh. Dreaming of watering flowers in a flowerpot indicates that the dreamer's recent ideas are rather naive, but fortunately the impact on the dreamer is not too much, just like the small flowers and plants on the roadside, which will only delay the dreamer's appreciation for a little time. In reality, the dreamer will veto any impractical ideas and just enjoy the process, which will make the dreamer's mood happy. The dreamer's work efficiency may be affected by the problems he or she encounters, but on the bright side, the dreamer's career will be enhanced. Case study of dreaming of watering flowers Dream description: I am a male, last night I dreamed that someone gave me a pot of flowers, I felt that the leaves of the flower wilted and was about to die, I asked a male colleague next to me (this buddy is usually very honest in the unit, very helpful), he said: this flower is no problem, can live. Then I found a place on a flower stand to place it, but also the whole soil, and then watered it, watered the flower came to life. Then I woke up and looked at the time and it was after 3:00 am. I think this dream must have meaning, otherwise it would not be so clear, and after the dream woke up in the middle of the night too excited to sleep. Dream Analysis: This dream foretells that you will take over some rather troublesome project, but with your efforts, the project will be successfully completed. This colleague in your dream will be of great help to you in this project."