Dreaming of white flowers

What does it mean to dream of white flowers? Do you dream of white flowers? Dreaming of white flowers has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of white flowers, white flowers are very often pure, but dreaming of white flowers is an ominous sign, suggesting that sad things will happen. To dream of white flowers is a symbol of sadness. To dream of withered white flowers indicates disappointment and depression. The recent period may affect your normal mood because of some small things, but do not take it to heart, everything will be fine. Unmarried man dreaming of white gardenia, indicates that he is about to meet a pure and beautiful woman, and must seize the opportunity. Married woman dreaming of white gardenia, this is a fetal dream, indicating that there will be a healthy and beautiful baby soon. To dream of white orchids is an auspicious omen, which means victory over enemies. To dream that you pick white chrysanthemums implies that you will be with on setbacks or losses. If the chrysanthemums are other bright colors, it means that the work you are doing will bring you happiness. To dream of a white lily is an indication of the dreamer's happy love, or improved social status or promotion in position. To dream of white pear blossoms in full bloom indicates that if you feel confused in the near future, stick to your bottom line and analyze things carefully, and the situation will become clear. To dream of white jasmine flowers is a symbol of love or personal success in business. Case study of dreaming of white flowers Description of dream: I dreamt that white flowers were blooming and they were beautiful, many varieties. And I was holding a little girl. Dream analysis: remind you not to let the dissipation of emotions affect your work life, adjust your mind to devote yourself to your work life."