Dreaming of wolfberry

What does dreaming of wolfberry mean? How about dreaming of wolfberry? Dreaming of wolfberry has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of goji berries represents good luck in the near future and a wish for success. Dreaming of wolfberries, will have good official luck. A candidate dreaming of wolfberry foretells good examination results. A single nobleman dreaming of wolfberries foretells good luck in love in the near future. Case study of dreaming of goji berries Dream Description: A pregnant woman dreamed that she went to a wolfberry garden and picked wolfberries, at first she picked them by herself, soon there were many people helping me to pick them, my two pockets of my shirt were full of wolfberries, there were green and red ones and ripe ones, among the people helping me to pick wolfberries there was a girl named Yun Yun with a very clear face, please help me to explain it to all teachers. Dream analysis: wolfberry is a tonic, pregnant women dreaming of wolfberry means that the pregnant woman is healthy and the fetus in her womb is developing well, it is a good dream."