Dreaming of yam

What does dreaming of yam mean? How about dreaming of yam? Dreaming of yam has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of yam is a sign that someone around you will be sick. A pregnant woman dreaming of yams means that the mother will give birth to a baby boy! A pregnant woman dreaming of yams also means that the pregnant woman and her baby are both very healthy! If a pregnant woman dreams of eating yam, it is a sign of the state of life, revealing that the dreamer's life is very stable, happy and healthy, and the dreamer's family is also very well-off! If a pregnant woman dreams of her husband eating yam, the dreamer should remind her husband to take care of his health! This is a hint that the dreamer's husband may have health problems in the near future! If a pregnant woman dreams of a child eating yam, it is an auspicious sign that the dreamer's fetus in her womb is growing steadily! And also implies that the dreamer is doing a very good job of nutrition during pregnancy! Pregnant women dreaming of rotten yams, then the dreamer should pay enough attention to this implies that there will be security problems, the dreamer must be more careful, especially to prevent miscarriage and other accidents! If a pregnant woman dreams of two yams, congratulations to the dreamer! Because this dream implies that the dreamer is pregnant with twins or a dragon and phoenix fetus is very high, the dreamer can avoid the pain of the second birth! If a pregnant woman dreams of a stranger giving her yam, first of all, it means that the dreamer has encountered difficulties in life, but don't worry this dream means that a valuable person will come to help the dreamer! The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of yam, lucky. The young and strong dream of this, add to the marrow; the old dream of this, but the disease prolonged. If the disease of deficiency dream of this, their illness will be cured. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream of yam, the young and strong dream of the Lord to add marrow; senior dream of the Lord but the disease prolonged life. The dream of a person suffering from a deficiency disease, his illness will be cured. Secretaries of Dreams"