Man dreaming of eating dates

Man dreaming of eating dates, get this dream five elements main wood, the recent career situation is good. The person whose career is in dispute with others needs to adjust his mind, not because of personal ideas, guessing the hearts of others. The dream is auspicious in spring, but not in autumn. A single man dreamed that he ate dates. The recent career situation will have adverse effects, is in the business of emotional serious, then it is not good for your career development, go to adjust the mindset, do not get worse choices because of the idea of the business. Those who are engaged in civil engineering construction, construction sites and other related positions have this dream career pressure, is your current career will have a positive entanglement with others, then a lot of trouble. The dreamer and the tiger people rabbit people have more positive conflict, which is not good for your life. People who are seeking money outside have this dream to go east auspicious, go west inauspicious, career induced troubles, need to adjust the relationship with each other, then your career situation will be significantly changed."