Man dreaming of watermelon

Man dreaming of watermelon, the five elements of the dreamer's fire, is the wood and fire omen, in the business and others sincere treatment is beneficial to your career, the spring dream is auspicious, the fall dream is inauspicious. Single man dreaming of watermelon, the recent business situation is not good, is that you have more direct struggle with others in the business, it affects the development of your career, the competition is intense, it leads to signs of stagnation in your career, seekers of wealth have this dream career is more smooth, flexible mind. Those who are seeking money outside have this dream, it is auspicious to go south and unlucky to go north. Those who treat others sincerely in their careers can get better results, although they have a long-term plan, they do need to make decisions after discussing with others, they must not be too selfish in their careers, which will affect the overall progress of your career play. Married men who have this dream are more likely to be successful with their families and rely on each other, and more unlucky to leave their ancestors to start a business."