Married woman dreaming of apples

Married woman dreaming of apples, is a wood and fire light. The recent peach blossom luck is quite good, is the opposite sex to pursue in you, such as your relationship with the lover is bad, there is an unstable impact on the marriage, if sincere love, even if there are others to destroy the feelings, can still maintain the heart, the spring dream is auspicious, the winter dream is inauspicious. Single woman dreaming of apples, is your heart in the business, then the nobleman help, peach blossom luck is quite good, such as the recent intention to seek talent, cooperation with others is not smooth, need to be careful of each other's ideas, there are adverse effects. Those who work outside this dream, going south is auspicious, going north is inauspicious, the business of giving more noble people do not do each other, complement each other's good fortune, do not have suspicion, especially unfavorable to your career development. If the career is very strong to get this dream, is the desire is strong, but in turn lead to disaster, everything as it happens, do not rush into."