Pregnant dreaming of a lotus is a boy

Pregnant dreaming of a lotus, the five elements of the main wood, then get this dream you are in the career of a lot of worries, is a lot of thoughts and worries of people, plus you are pregnant state is not very good, physical condition to be cautious. Dreaming of lotus flowers, spring dreams of more boys, the person who has this dream is, lotus flowers with wood prosperity, indicating that the dreamer's good fortune, the future children are also blessed people. Single women dreaming of lotus flowers, is your recent peach blossom running well may, and you meet the feelings are often positive peach blossom is you really like people, plus the other party is also sincere to treat you, there is the possibility of entering the marriage hall such as the two sincerely love each other, then your love will be very happy, must cherish. Married woman who got this dream is that you have a good relationship with your husband in the relationship, the two of you follow the career, but also provide interest in the commonality of life, you are a pair of sincere love, life will be very happy. If there is a quarrel with your husband, the person who got this dream has a transformation in the near future."