Pregnant dreaming of cucumbers to give birth to boys and girls

Dreaming of cucumbers, the five elements of the main wood, the person who has this dream has new strength in the near future or new opportunities to express themselves, then you have a lot of good things in your career, the spring dream is auspicious, the winter dream is not auspicious. Pregnant in the spring or summer dream of cucumber, more than the main birth of a boy, the boy is an extroverted personality, plus in the near future the pregnant woman's health is good, has been walking around outside activities to ensure that the fetal position is smooth. Pregnancy in winter or autumn dream cucumber, more than the main birth of a girl, but the girl is also the one who makes the pregnant woman more serious pest, then in the near future there is the possibility of malnutrition of pregnant women, such as you do not pay attention to the diet, it is more bad. This dream is a sign of pregnancy for a newly married woman, or you have a transfer arrangement at work, this dream is a symbol of a new phase in your life, so either in the family marriage or in the career will have opportunities, this is an auspicious sign."