Pregnant women dreaming of cucumbers

Pregnant women dreaming of cucumbers have this dream the main five elements of wood, in the near future your health is good, feelings also have good luck, have this dream, wood represented by the peach blossom, also means that your love is good, is mutual understanding and trust between you and your lover, on your feelings have a driving effect, the spring dream is auspicious, the autumn dream is not auspicious. Pregnant women dreaming of cucumbers get this dreamer is that you have much good luck in your career, plus the mother and child are safe, you do not have a special payment in pregnancy matters, and no extra concerns, and your health is good. Single woman dreaming of cucumbers, the main you have a lot of suitors around you in the near future, such as you are also interested in the relationship, the interaction with each other to come up with sincerity, your feelings will be more permanent, if you have no intention of each other, you get along with each other will make each other feel a certain pressure, will also make your feelings appear bad, remember to break when you break. Students dreaming of cucumbers is water and wood, then in the near future your academic situation is good, engaged in scientific research examiners have more good things happen."