Pregnant women dreaming of mushrooms give birth to boys and girls

Dreaming of mushrooms, the five elements are wood and earth, the dreamer has good financial luck, you are a person who cherishes talent and loves talent, but also knows how to get better financial luck, the dreamer can have the truth of financial resources in the near future, if you know more about how to operate on the income, the financial luck is more abundant. The relationship between you and your family will improve, the future cooperation between you and your family because of money will be more pleasant, and you are also a person with great earning power, the family will respect you, out of money independence, you can also maintain a good relationship with your lover. Pregnant women dream of mushrooms to give birth to a girl, your choice in the career, will be extremely considerate of the views of the family, such as you can adhere to the attitude of the self in the career, the career can become a dream to give birth to a girl, is a girl, more like the father, then you have a feeling of isolation at home, father and daughter a heart, it is inevitable that you are a little jealous."