What is the omen of dreaming of gourd

What is the omen of dreaming of gourd, it is a sign of peace and health, the recent good health, cooperation with others is smooth, good things in the business, grasp the opportunity will help you in the long-term development of your career. The summer dream is auspicious, autumn dream is inauspicious. Single people dreaming of a gourd is a sign of recent peach blossom luck, if you can pay with the person you love, the two can be long-lasting feelings, such as the struggle with him in the relationship, the trouble is obvious. Those engaged in firefighting, hoods and other related industries get this dream is the five elements of fire, then the omen of the recent signs of career status improvement, earnings are mostly good, then grasp the opportunity to have more good luck in business. Those who are seeking money outside have this dream, there are many troubles, and there is a positive conflict with others in the business, leading you to quarrel with others, then lead to bad things. Students who have this dream have a poor academic situation in the near future, and struggle with others in dealing with study problems, which affects academic performance."