Woman dreaming of a cabbage patch

Dreaming of cabbages is a hint of promotion and fortune, indicating that you are a well-intentioned person in your career, then you often have good opportunities in your career. If you have been very hardworking in your career, you will be in a very good state in the near future. A woman dreaming of a cabbage patch, your financial luck will be very good, you personally also know the art of making money, the overall income will be significantly higher may tsk, such as you have more personal ideas on money, then the financial luck can be long. If you are in the money, only have the idea of the moment but no future approach, then the income is much affected. A man dreamed of a field of cabbage. The main you have good luck in the near future, and you in the face of emotional problems, often like to personal ideas mainly your presumptuous speculation in turn let others do not like. To find out the other party's true intentions, do not rashly go after, otherwise the relationship will have bad things happen."