Woman dreaming of a pile of potatoes

Woman dreaming of a pile of potatoes, the five elements of this dreamer is the main earth, it is your career and others in the cooperation of smooth, it will help you to improve your career, autumn dream of the auspicious, winter dream of the unlucky. Single woman dreaming of a pile of potatoes, the recent career and others to make decisions after discussion, then your career has improved significantly, each other in the business of the performance of sincere treatment, then your career more smoothly, you and others in the business because of small things and induced disaster, then affect your career decisions. People who are seeking for money have this dream, it is to cooperate with others, the career to a higher level, each other in the business have a similar mind, it is beneficial to your career change, do not have troubles in the business performance. Engaged in hardware and electrical appliances, jewelry and other related industries to get this dream of the five elements of the main gold, is the earth and gold, career more smooth things, cherish each other, the business long-term."