Woman dreaming of chestnuts

Woman dreaming of chestnuts, who got this dream, chestnuts are water in the earth, then your recent good fortune, career development is smooth, cooperation with others have unexpected good news, water represents the wisdom, is that you have better opportunities in the business through wisdom, winter dreams are auspicious, summer dreams are not auspicious. People who seek money get this dream, the business situation is smooth, good cooperation with others, the overall development of your career to enhance the role of business people engaged in aquatic products and drinks and other related industries more good earnings. In the outside money seekers to get this dream, to the north of the auspicious, to the south to go inauspicious, is your career is finally due to small things and induced difficulties, can not help me by others in you, your personal ability is strong, but do not see others to you more submissive, this can not be small people's heart to the belly of a gentleman. Women dreaming of chestnuts, career conditions more than a smooth thing, and others to cooperate smoothly, that is your excellent handling of human affairs, eight-sided, access to the wealth of people."