Woman dreaming of eating ripe persimmons

Woman dreaming of eating ripe persimmons, who has this dream, persimmons of the five elements of the earth, then in the near future you have a lot of cooperation with others in your career, the earth represents the benevolence and cooperation etiquette, is that you can take into account the ideas of others in the details, which is beneficial to your career. Summer dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are inauspicious. Single woman dreaming of eating ripe persimmons, the main you in the career although there are signs of sincere treatment of people, but by others misunderstood, the recent career adjustments, is the possibility of demotion and salary reduction. Married women who have this dream get along well with their children, is that you and your children communicate well, then each other do things more with good luck. You have this dream in the career and others to cooperate with smoothly, the recent you in the career troubles, but can adjust the mindset, then your career development is beneficial. People who study this dream, the recent academic performance is not good, worry about many things, then there is a negative impact on you personally."